Osama's Death - Is it Reality or just Rumors?

08/12/2010 15:05

Hello to all the readers, I want to share my opinion, of course, that the Osama Bin Laden is not alive I know he is died but not by the operation. He was not there in Abbottabad because he was died many years ago but America was doing operations on Muslim countries by the cause of Osama. They flowed his dead body in an ocean because there was no dead body. They are saying that they are not releasing any photos because they have none. They are releasing videos without any sound so how would we know that at which time the video was shot. The house where they are saying that Osama was hidden has some people living near them. When Pakistani media asked them, "Don't you know Osama was living here?", they said, "What? We have heard this the first time!". Osama had the kidney problem so where is the dialysis machine with the help of which he was alived in that house? The media has discovered that the released video is about the American operation in Iraq. If you don't believe then there is a proof for you that there are Palm trees behind the soldiers outside a house and there are no palm trees in Abbottabad and if they are, then not near that area and in the video, the outside ground is a very large plain but at the site it is not! If the operation was held there then believe me the Osama was not there because we cannot kill the ghosts by army operations. Now that the rumors of Osama's death are flying so now America will try to take over Pakistan not that fast, but this is there only purpose. They will say that our next target is "someone i don't know" who is a terrorist and the big partner of Osama and Pakistan is hiding him and promoting terrorism or they will say we have success by the help of Pak Army and Government. Well, Pakistan cannot stop them and the drone attacks which is killing hundreds of Pakistan's poor people because Pakistan is taking aids in dollars from them.

You have to face the Reality!

Sorry that my English is not good!


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